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Step 1. Telegram has an automatic profile to assist users in creating personalized stickers and masks. Search for " Stickers" in the search for contacts and select the indicated result. Step 2. The messenger will display a conversation with the " Stickers" button. Press "Start" to activate it and check out the list with the basic commands to create your own stickers and masks. Step 3. Step 4. Press the attachment button to send the pictures in "File" format. If the submission is accepted, the bot will send a message with four mask types to configure the image.

Choose one of the options. Step 5. The next step is the mask calibration.


Orient the figure according to the previously chosen classification and press "Ready" to complete. Continue repeating these steps to send more prop figures to the created package. Step 6. The auto profile will prompt you for a name to set the address for the new mask group. Step 7.

The bot will respond by displaying the publication and its link to the created masquerade package. Open it and click "Add masks" to download them to your Telegram image editing menu. Step 8.

South Korea LG V40 received PIE Update with May Security Patch

Had enough of Telegram? Finally caved to WhatsApp? Or just ditching messaging apps in general? Telegram lets you easily nuke your account. The only caveat here is that the self-destruct won't happen instantly. You can select between 1 and 6 months. You can customize the images you send back and forth with friends in several different ways on Telegram. There is also a small in-app image editor that comes with the ability to adjust the brightness, contrast, and other aspects of the image. It's quite practical. Select an image or video to upload as you normally would, and click the edit icon to begin customizing.

Make a space and type in what you need. There are a ton more third-party bots, but with these, you can start playing. You can even create your own bots and set them up to do what you need. To get started, you just need a little help from daddy, a.

Download LG V40 ThinQ Pie 9.0 Firmware and Installation Method (All Variants)

This one bot to rule them all will guide you through the steps of creating a bot and setting up its tasks. You can also manage existing bots by chatting with botfather. One of the biggest complaints about Telegram is that it's impossible to hide away conversations you don't use often. Eventually, your inbox just becomes cluttered with groups and conversations you don't want to see. To make this a bit easier to deal with, you can pin conversations to the top of the list.

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This way, at least you can see the ones you want to see, even if you still have to bear those you don't. To pin a conversation, channel or group, long tap the chat until a menu appears, then select Pin to top. You can do this for up to 5 conversations. Telegram allows you to edit sent messages so you can correct awkward spelling mistakes and other such errors.

Just select a sent message by long-tapping it, then tap the pencil icon at the top. After you've fixed the mistake, the modified message will appear in the chat with a tiny pencil next to it to indicate that content has been edited. Just like in WhatsApp, you can share your location with a contact via Telegram. Tap the paperclip icon in a chat and then select Location. This saves on data, and storage and generally makes the uploads faster, but at the cost of image quality.

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Telegram, however, lets you decide whether to compress your images or upload them at full quality. It depends on where you save your image: in the Gallery or in File sections. Telegram's file picker will allow you to browse your device's storage to pick which one you want.

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Get a message that you know you want to show to someone else later, or just keep for reference? You can even send messages that contain files like pictures and videos. A single user on Telegram can still have multiple accounts. Great, for example, if you want to have separate accounts for work and personal life. Then enter the new number for your next account and follow the on-screen prompts. Once the new account is created, you can switch accounts by hitting the down arrow and selecting the account from the new options.

We've all send something we've come to regret, haven't we? Just long-press the message to select it and tap on the trashcan icon that appears on the top right. You'll get a prompt with options, so select "delete the messages for receiving party" and then and hit delete.

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Note that you only a hour grace period to delete a sent message this way. After 48 hours, the message is out there, for good or ill, so act fast! No tips and tricks list is ever truly complete. If you've got a trick for Telegram which isn't listed here, let us know in the comments and we'll update our list. I am using Samsung Note 4, sadly there is no option to "delete" messages.

The only icon I see after selecting a message is copy and forward. Again, no one is talking about it. Seen similar behavior on Xiaomi phones as well. Any ideas? I am glad to thank who make the telegram.