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There are three variants in all. A capable 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera for shooting those scenic landscapes on your next vacation. A 2MP macro lens with 2cm focus to capture the details up close and dedicated depth sensor to get those bokelicious portraits right. With most cameras that use massive sensors, it is usually the binned 10MP or 12MP samples that get the best shots.

And while they are not as sharp as the 16MP samples shot in Auto mode , they look more natural. But at 17MB per image, you will be filling up the internal storage in no time. The 8MP ultra-wide camera did fall short on details, but it gives you a different perspective at the same shot. The 2MP macro delivers in brightly lit situations, but you will need really steady hands to get the details and prevent blur.

The quad-camera array holds up well in low light conditions as well, with brighter images using the night mode. I would go out on a limb and say that Redmi Note 8 Pro delivers 2-day battery life.


You see, with such a capable chipset powering this death star, it feels normal to be greedy and give into its power by ramping up the graphics settings on any game. The downside is that unlike the Asus ROG 2, this one does not sport a gigantic 6,mAh battery to live up those gaming ambitions. Still, you can get past a day by gaming with medium settings and doing the usual things you do on a smartphone, like WhatsApp, email and the lot.

The brand seems to have reclaimed its top spot in the budget segment once again. And more importantly, it plans to keep things this way for a while by being futureproof.

Redmi Note 8 Unboxing & First Impressions ⚡⚡⚡ Note 8 Pro Ka Chota Bhai!!

The Realme XT is its only competition. Note: Dual 4G SIM requires the support of local telecom operator services, and may not be available in all regions.

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Redmi Note 8 Pro Review: Good, but not a perfect smartphone!

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Mi 9 Lite. Mi A3. Mi Note Your website. Xiaomi's strategy is very clear, I repeat it quite often, they want to flood the market by selling phones at all price ranges with sometimes only a few euros of difference between 2 models. The Redmi Note 8 comes 6 months after the Redmi Note 7 which is far from being obsolete.

What is this new model worth?

Price Redmi Note 8

Should you buy the Redmi Note 7 or 8? Or another model? I will try to answer these questions with this new test. Manufacturer web site: Mi. If you are not satisfied with any price, you can subscribe to a price alert to be the first to be notified when the price drops. The links below are advertising links that allow me to buy the tested material in complete neutrality. If you like the work done on this blog, you can support me by buying through these links.

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Price alert: I have developed a tool that allows me to find the best prices and I propose it to you so that you can also enjoy it. Major brands like Google or Xiaomi have all launched their own brand of surveillance cameras, Amazon is now doing the same with Blink and offers free cloud and a 2-year autonomy. The Huawei Watch GT active is a smart watch for an active audience who wants to measure body activity or sports performance. I walk a lot and sometimes ride my bike, so I was able to test the watch in good conditions. I tested the Honor 8x end of and I was a bit disappointed.

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Xiaomi has an aggressive pricing policy and proves it once again with this very well equipped smartphone at a price below the competition. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 test, review and price. After the success of the Redmi Note 7, Xiaomi is back with its eighth Redmi model, which will try to set the bar even higher. Will this Redmi Note 8 also flatten competition? Huawei Y6 test, review and price. This phone offers the basics of a smartphone by keeping only the essentials.

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