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The phone ships with a clear plastic case in the box along with an 18W fast charger. Connectivity options included in the phone are Wi-Fi, hotspot, Bluetooth 5. It also comes with four navigation systems. It has a dedicated microSD card slot on the left side of the phone which can expand the memory of the phone up to GB. The phone is powered by a MediaTek processor and runs on Android 9.

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It is the first chip to bring the latest 64MP1 4-cell sensor cameras, which allows brands to integrate a variety of lens and sensor options ranging from ultra-wide to telescopic or a depth-mapping sensor or HDR. It has an octa-core 2x2. The company claims that it provides more reliable connectivity performance even in densely populated spaces. It comes with advanced cellular features, claims MediaTek.

Redmi Note 8

The IR emitter and secondary microphone are on the top of the Redmi phone. It comes with an FM Radio with recording and a 3. The smartphone has a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor for added security. Apart from the phone has an accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, and compass sensors.

MediaTek has also added a Technology called HyperEngine which the company states offer an enhanced gaming experience by offering responsive touchscreens, faster framerates, HDR support, and intelligent networking which allows it to switch quickly between Wi-Fi or 4G and connecting to two Wi-Fi bands at the same time. Let me highlight the pros and cons Pros. Fingerprint detection is lightning fast. Battery life is absolutely great. Miui 11 is much better than their past UI. Build quality is top notch. You can use two sims plus 1 microsd separately.

At first i was sceptical about mediatek as in the past i encountered a lot of lagging and hanging problems but this Processor the Speed and performance is the best i have ever used on a budget phone it feels like using the Snapdragon series with no problems.

Price Redmi Note 8 Pro

Great job Xiaomi. I lost my led light controller but thanks to the infrared on this phone i can control my lights now also TV and stuff. It's a neat feature. If your buying this mobile for photography. Now some might say camera is superb but i guess this is the only phone they have ever used with a camera of this category of smartphones. Trust me the nokia 7.

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Also the macro lens is pathetic and the selfie too. Megapixels don't make photos good. The image processing software does so Xiaomi is still way far behind. Wifi speed does not exceed 1. And i did a quick Google search many people have same issue. Phone feels a little too big though it is really nice for watching videos and reading. I have used better display than this note 8 pro in its category. My issue is with the pixels when your typing your phone you can see the small diodes.

Though i believe it's because i have used better phones and it's a distraction only for me and that i am Focusing too much on it. Conclusion If your a person like me who wants to play games and use whatsapp insta and such and click pictures on the go and don't care much about it, big battery, good display, performance like a beast go for this phone instead of a flagship phone and rather save the money and buy an ipad mini in the future.

Mobile do not meet the declared quality by company not only by display but also in battery. Camera is the most worst highlighted part of this model. I previously used note 7 pro which 48 MP camera is much more better than this model 64 MP camera.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

I must suggest, don't go for this model as there are lots of better mobile is available at market within this price range. At the beginning the batter was very good. But after the use of 6months it was bad..

Redmi Note 8 Tips, Tricks, and Features

Finger lock works fantastic. New update of mi was very bad experience with failure default apps and widgets for default. Very nice, butter smooth performance, everything is fine, one thing to be better if amoled display. I walk a lot and sometimes ride my bike, so I was able to test the watch in good conditions. I tested the Honor 8x end of and I was a bit disappointed.

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    If you want a phone that's close to the Xiaomi Mi 9 but want to spend a bit less money, then the Mi 9 SE is for you — it's got many of the features of the top-rated Xiaomi phone, but in a scaled-down format. It's smaller, with a few weaker specs in a few areas, like slightly lower-resolution cameras and a mid-tier chipset, but there's still a lot to like, especially in terms of its design and display.

    If you're looking for a stylish but affordable Android phone then, you could do a lot worse.