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Here's why.

Google Pixel 4 XL review: Half great, half-baked

I've been a buyer of Pixel devices and the Nexus series of devices for several years. With these purchases, I took advantage of Google's trade-in program, which has become an increasingly poorer value every passing year. It's because, as someone who covers Android as a technology writer, I want to have the latest and greatest Android OS experience, and I want to be able to track developments when the next version goes into beta testing. The Pixel is never my only Android device, as I usually have at least one or two other Android phones from different vendors that I am testing at any given time.

But other manufacturers' Android devices are so far behind the curve in software updates that you cannot use them for tracking developments in the Android OS itself. I was relatively happy with the Pixel 3 last year, and I liked the camera a lot -- so much that I preferred taking photos with it than my iPhone XS Max. I wasn't happy with the 4GB of RAM, which made the device resource-constrained, and I thought it consumed battery a bit too quickly. However, the Pixel did have native resolution cloud backup for free on Google Photos, so that did mitigate some of those storage issues.

Enter the Pixel 4 XL. Still, I ordered one. Because I needed a pure Android device, and I was willing to give the thing the benefit of the doubt. But, as time went on, and while I was anticipating delivery of this product, I was exposed to many reviews from my colleagues and at other technology publications that did not portend well.

With all the default settings turned on -- motion sense enabled, light color theme, and always-on display enabled -- you can watch the battery percentage drop quite dramatically every few minutes. But let's face it: Based on Jason Cipriani's 6am to 8pm test day with a total of four hours of screen time And having a 3,mAh battery versus a comparable 4,mAh on its competitors doesn't help this phone either. Oh, and try to set that fancy 90Hz variable refresh display to run 90Hz butter smooth all the time using a developer setting?

Forget it. You'll be lucky to get two or three hours of screen time out of the device.

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OK, sure, but the Pixel 3 main camera was also exceptional. In the Pixel 4, Google added a second rear camera: A 2X zoom. The specifications on both cameras are Competitors now have three rear cameras, and most include an ultrawide in addition to a wide. The celestial photography mode? It looks cool in a demo, but it's not particularly useful. It's a gimmick.

Google Pixel 2 Review: This Thing is Smart!

Google's competitors have caught up big time with night modes, image processing, and machine learning. Google's camera is no longer unique. But the free cloud-based photo storage on Google Photos is still a good value, right? Sadly, it no longer is. Instead of storing the photos in "original quality," it only stores them in "high-quality" mode. That's the same as every Android, and the iPhone gets.

So, zero privileges here for owning a Pixel device. The 6GB of RAM on the phone doesn't always present itself as a problem, but if you keep a lot of apps open like I do -- such as Outlook, Teams, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook -- you'll begin to see performance degradation. I tried to turn it on. It didn't work. It means Google didn't adequately prepare its carrier partners to accept BYOD devices on their network. Google should not claim that its phone works perfectly on all US carrier networks if it doesn't.

Well, it doesn't. But a Google Pixel? We are talking about the reference standard Android phone -- the very same it sells in its retail stores! But I'm not. I'm 50 years old; I yell at children in the streets, and when I pay a grand for a slab of finely engineered metal, glass, and semiconductors, I expect it to work.

That said, I am not waiting weeks or months to see if this issue resolves itself.

The Pixel 3 XL is a solid improvement, all while maintaining the single-lens camera system on the back. Overall, expect photos to be incredibly detailed and sharp. The iPhone XS and Note 9 tend to do a better job in dealing with noise. The Pixel 3 XL adds a new feature called Top Shot, which helps preserve key moments you may have missed.

This works because the Pixel 3 in general takes a number of shots before and after you tap the shutter icon. So if someone looks away right when you take a photo, Top Shot lets you see all the photos before and after you tapped the button, and it will automatically recommend the best one.

Mid-range performance

That being said, we do wish the image quality was better. The best image resolution is saved for the photo you actually snapped, while all the extra photos are stuck with a much lower resolution. More impressive is Super Res Zoom, which reduces the noise in photos captured by digitally zooming in. Portrait Mode is also better than ever before, and we think the Pixel 3 XL takes the cake for having the best Portrait Mode over any other phone — that applies to the front and rear camera. It accurately identifies the edges of a subject with the occasional error , and the bokeh effect is much stronger than on the Pixel 2.

Portrait Mode on the Pixel 3 XL is one of our favorite modes to use, and it often works incredibly well on non-living objects as well. You can now edit the blur intensity after you take a photo, which is a feature Apple also just introduced on the iPhone XS. We love the addition of the wide-angle lens on the front, which means there are two selfie cameras now. You can use the wide-angle lens for group shots, or to simply take in more of the scenery in your selfie.

Wear OS by Google

Switching between both cameras is incredibly fluid, and Portrait Mode works with both, so photos can stand out even more. Image quality is good, though not as sharp as the rear cameras. There are a few more notable camera features built into the Pixel 3 camera. The same is true for Playground and Google Lens. The Pixel 3 can also now automatically track moving subjects in videos to maintain focus, and it works really well.

We dive more into detail here , but take a look at the two photos below to see just how it can improve your low-light photos. We started most of our days with percent at a. With lighter to medium usage, the phone naturally fares better. We managed to hit 8 percent by p.

At the very least, fast charging support with the included 18 watt wall charger and USB-C to USB-C charging cable will give you a good deal of juice in just 15 minutes. This type of feature is available on a variety of other phones, but usually the estimates for battery life when you have 20 percent or so remaining are wildly exaggerated and never accurate.

Google sells a separate Pixel Stand wireless charger as a separate accessory, but it does so much more than charge the phone. We took a closer look here. It offers up fast access to Google Assistant, can turn into a digital photo frame, can turn the display completely off or turn on Do Not Disturb mode when the phone is placed on it, and it can help wake you up by blasting ambient light 15 minutes before your alarm. The phone is sold through Google and Verizon , but if you buy it from the Google Store, you can use it on any major carrier network in the U. You can check out all your options for buying this phone in our Pixel 3 XL buying guide.

Google offers a standard one-year warranty that protects the phone from manufacturer defects from the date of purchase. It has one of the best cameras in a smartphone, and hands down the best software experience on an Android phone.

Google Pixel 3 XL Review | Digital Trends

Your first option if budget is a concern should be the smaller and cheaper Pixel 3. It can do everything the Pixel 3 XL can do, but it has a smaller screen, a smaller battery, and it costs a little less. Next, check out the Galaxy Note 9. The Google Pixel 3 XL is a glass sandwich with an aluminum frame in the middle. Make sure you nab a case.

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  • Google has improved the water resistance on the Pixel phone, however, as it now has an IP68 rating. That means you can take it underwater up to 1. Because this is a phone straight from Google, you can expect to receive software version updates for two years, and three years of security updates.

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    • We expect the Pixel 3 XL to last you three to four years, but likely more. Buy this phone if you prize software and camera over everything else, and you want a big screen.

      Google’s Pixel 3 is a hair away from pocket-sized perfection

      Google Pixel 3 XL. DT Editors' Choice. The notch is ugly, plain and simple. It juts into the screen way too much and looks distracting. The great screen and speakers make watching movies and videos on the Pixel 3 XL a joy.