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We can't always respond to your feedback, but that doesn't mean it wasn't reviewed. Google Help.

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Send feedback on Help Center New to Contactless Payments. Google Pay. Step 1: Make sure your phone meets software standards Check if the software on your phone is Play Protect certified. If you modified your phone, make sure it meets security standards.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: Flagship Looks At A Mid-Range Price | Digital Trends

Google Pay might not work in stores with phones that: Run developer versions of Android. Use Samsung MyKnox. Have an unlocked bootloader. Tap Connected devices.

Samsung Galaxy A50 review: Samsung’s best mid-ranger in years

Turn on NFC. Set Google Pay as the default app. Still need help?

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If you were previously able to make contactless payments with Google Pay but no longer can, please reach out to your device manufacturer, as there may have been a device software update that is impacting functionality. If your device is not reacting when you hold it to the terminal, Google Pay may not be set up for contactless payments.

Follow the steps above, add a payment method, and complete any required issuer verification. Make sure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network for easier communication.

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One potential gotcha has to do with your smartphone's onscreen keyboard. Your Phone is designed to let you access your phone from your PC, using your physical keyboard to connect to it and respond to messages. I was shocked to discover that when I picked up my phone by habit to respond to a text, that the onscreen keyboard had disappeared. Messages does neither, although you could argue again that the bare-bones approach is necessary to maintain flow. Messages displays both SMS and MMS messages, though without the additional calling options offered by native phone apps.

Step 2: Find out if your phone has NFC and turn it on

The Settings option to download images sent via MMS texts automatically needs some clarity. The photo appeared inline as a text message, though, as it should have. This is why people use Snapchat, after all.

Step 1: Make sure your phone meets software standards

Likewise, Notifications represent nothing more than the Android notifications that apps already send to the home screen of your phone. Like notifications of new email, those slide in from the bottom right and reside in your Action Center. Overall it might be more convenient just to simply haul out your phone. On the other hand, if doing so would be rude, Your Phone is a convenient way to access it surreptitiously.

A recent update added one-touch as well as long-press functionality. With the recently announced Calls, Your Phone finally becomes Make sure that you enable your phone to share its contact list with Windows.

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Calls doesn't appear to access the Windows 10 People app or Outlook, which is where Windows would store that contact information. So is Your Phone ultimately useful? It can be, in the sense that an Android watch or Apple Watch allows you to surreptitiously glance at your wrist—or in this case, your screen—to see what your phone is reporting.

A wearable does much more—but that's an additional device and an additional cost. Fortunately, the most basic functions are probably the most useful: the ability to see and respond to texts and notifications, as well as to grab a photo from your phone and use it quickly within a Windows application.