How to monitoring a smartphone Galaxy Note 7

Identify and clarify the problem by gathering data, customer feedback and other evidence that supports problem definition.

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A well-defined problem is a must before moving on to discover the root cause. The result is a clear, concise problem definition statement. Begin the root cause analysis process by assembling the right team and using the right tools to complete the analysis.

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Depending on the complexity of the problem, analysis tools may range from a simple Cause and Effect Analysis to a more detailed Failure, Mode, and Effect Analysis or a Fault Tree Analysis. Decide on the appropriate corrective action after identifying the problem root cause or causes.

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Remember that an effective corrective action prevents problems from happening again. Verify the effectiveness of the solution at the appropriate interval using monitoring, auditing, inspections or other means useful in validating problem resolution.

NBC News also reported that Samsung later attributed the problem to a manufacturing issue that allowed the positive and negative ends of the device batteries to make contact, resulting in a short circuit that caused them to overheat, thus setting the stage for a fire hazard. To avoid making similar mistakes with new product development and launches, Advanced Product Quality Planning may be the answer. The process provides a comprehensive approach to vetting product viability and in problem discovery during design and test phases to uncover issues long before a product launch.

The APQP process comprises five phases augmented with a control plan designed to keep processes under control and operations on target to produce quality products. The five phases are:.

This Is Samsung's Plan To End its Exploding Smartphone Problem

After recall and product replacements had gone awry, Samsung suspended manufacturing of the Galaxy Note 7. But this move may cost the company billions of dollars when all is said and done.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Gaming Review w/ Benchmarks!

Application of APQP can help prevent manufacturing mishaps, thus avoiding recalls, production interruptions, brand damage, and loss of consumer confidence. While there are varied definitions of what quality is, a common premise is that quality means consistently doing things right the first time, with continual improvement of products and services, providing total customer satisfaction.

The thing is, there is always a cost to quality. Either the cost will be accounted for during the product design, development and manufacturing process on the front end, or on the back end when good quality management is an after-thought. The latter often leads to product quality issues and substantial recovery costs.

The recall and ceased production of the Galaxy Note 7 is a back end quality cost that Samsung is forced to absorb. This points to what quality experts already know.

How Samsung Will Fix the Galaxy Note 7's Battery Problem | Time

Lack of quality management, or not getting it right the first time, can cause the following tangible costs:. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the government entity that oversees recalls. However, the story further pointed out that the CPSC does not advise fast tracking recalls where complex technical issues are involved. Because the root cause of the problem had not been thoroughly investigated, device recall and replacement did not work for Samsung.

The lesson here is realizing that a good quality management system needs policies and procedures to guide responses to significant issues. It is important to have established protocols in place to make sure problems are handled properly, ensuring immediate consumer safety while getting to the root cause of an issue. This includes protocols for managing regulatory compliance across all product stages, including recalls.

Finally, one of the most important lessons to learn is to never lose sensitivity to the customer.

Bad batteries

With reports of initial doubts about the seriousness of customer complaints, Samsung may have room for improvement in managing consumer contact, as now they have relationships to rebuild and trust to regain. But the first Galaxy Note way back in was the first phablet around. It created the need and demonstrated the usefulness of a larger display, especially for those who like to use their phone creatively. It differentiates with a truckload of hardware bits and software features.

Galaxy Note 7: Everything We Know About Samsung's Too-Hot-to-Handle Phone

And, much like the flagship Galaxy S line, the latest Note phone serves as a launchpad for all the latest smartphone technology. By putting that front camera in the top centre of the display, Samsung chose to ignore the pop-up camera trend. The good part is that the camera cut-out is tiny — tinier than the typical hole-punch at a diameter of 4mm. But thanks to the ultra-slim bezels, that makes the Note 10 the narrowest Note phone ever at By way of comparison, the Note 9 was Buy At Samsung S Pen.

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