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Advertisers can still upload information they already have to aim ads at people on Facebook.

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This is an opt-in feature, meaning you have to specifically give Facebook permission to do it, and it is only available on Android phones. It does however, note the date, time, and who you were talking or texting with. And it automatically scans links and attached photos for malware and child sexual abuse.

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In early April, Facebook said it plans to delete all logs older than a year and reduce the kind of information it takes from customers to offer this feature. The good news is that you can control whether Facebook uses the data it gathers to target you with specific ads. Ghostery lets you see — and disable — trackers running on webpages, while Facebook Container walls-off the app from the rest of your online browsing.

More: How Facebook can have your data even if you're not on Facebook.

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Doing this will keep data-gathering companies from connecting the dots between your store purchases and your Facebook persona. More: I downloaded all my Facebook data. Step 3: Follow the provided installation instructions. For iOS, you can set up Spyic remotely. For Android, a small software download is necessary. Wait for the installation to finish. The keylogger is the last option on the selection panel. Cocospy is a worthy alternative to Spyic. The app has been around for a long time with a user base scattered across the planet.

The app is most commonly used by parents to keep track of their kids. Employers also use it to monitor employees. You can spy on Facebook Messenger with Cocospy in a hassle-free way. The app is easy to set up and advanced enough to monitor Messenger without needing a jailbreak or root.

But Cocospy is a trustworthy, virus-free, user-vetted app.

Spyier is a well-known, all-in-one remote monitoring app. Spyier works as advertised , but it only with Android devices. Also, note that you will have to root the target Android device to get access to Facebook Messenger. However, note that Mobile Spy only works with Android devices. For later versions, look for other solutions. Mobile Spy saves communication logs and shares them with you. These communication logs include text messages, call history, Gmail, and, of course, Messenger activity. However, the app needs you to root the target device for most of these features.

What are the drawbacks of Mobile Spy? SpyToMobile is the 5 th entry on our list. The app allows you to spy on Facebook Messenger activity on target Android phones. You can use the app to read SMS messages, access contact lists and call history, and check the device locations. You get more features with most other apps. You get a disappointing set of features for the asking price. Mobiestealth is a surveillance app for both Android and iOS target platforms. However, note that it can only spy on Facebook Messenger on Android devices.

Mobistealth offers a number of features in addition to Facebook Messenger spy. The app allows you to read SMS messages, check Gmail, see Locations, check photos and videos, and much more. Does Mobistealth have any drawbacks? As we mentioned, it only allows you to spy on Facebook Messenger on Android devices. Note, though, that the Facebook Messenger spy feature only works with target Android devices. Rooting is hard. It also leaves the device vulnerable.

TheTruthSpy is one of the free spy apps for Facebook messenger. It also offers a limited feature set on target iOS devices. If you want to access Facebook Messenger on a target Android device, you could use this app.

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Note that it requires a rooted target device. The TruthSpy app allows you to spy on Facebook messages free without the phone. It does have a somewhat dated interface, though. It also requires the target device to be rooted. If you can put up with that, you have a decent spying solution at hand. For the price, you can access Facebook Messenger on Android phones only.

Also absent are features like Facebook photo, video, and audio logging. The iOS and Android versions require slightly different permission settings and require different levels of access to the phone's core messaging utilities like the dialer. Despite the relative integration between the Messenger app and your phone's operating system, however, you'll always be able to use the Messenger app to initiate Voice-over-IP calls , video chats, group text chats , and similar features.

After you log into Facebook, you'll see the Messenger icon in the blue toolbar.

Select it to open your message history, which is arranged in reverse chronological order. Select a message to open the thread history in a small window that pops up from the bottom of the browser window.

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  • From that window, enter a message. You also have the option to transmit stickers, send money, play games, and post photos. Select the white icons in the top of the chat window to initiate a voice call using your computer's speakers and microphone, or a voice call using your webcam. The settings gear icon reveals a fly-out window with options to change the chat color, give the chat a nickname, create a multi-person group chat, mute future notifications, ignore future messages, block a sender , or report an error to Facebook.

    After Facebook's dumpster fire of , when myriad privacy and security lapses gained traction in the mainstream press, power users became skeptical of the platform and its growth-at-any-price strategy. On the plus side, Messenger is free and easy to use.

    How to Track Someone's Facebook Messenger Messages

    It offers fun things like stickers and emoji, plus an easy way to chat through voice and video sessions. And, it's a convenient way to send cash to friends. And speaking of friends, you probably have a few friends that use Facebook and most everyone is familiar with the name, so new platform friction —the cost of asking your friends and family to migrate to the Next Big App—is non-existent.