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Honor has machined the bezel and the buttons out of stainless steel, whereas the shell of the Watch Magic is made out of plastic. The bits that are visible look premium, but the ones that are hidden still feels as though they are made of high-quality plastic. The Honor Watch Magic has a metal dial while the base is made out of plastic.

The same principle has been applied to the strap as well. It's made of silicone but has a layer of Italian cowhide on the top. Since the back is silicone, you can wear it to the gym or during runs without worrying about damaging the leather. You'll find quick release pins on the strap, and like with most other smartwatches, you can swap it out for any other band of your choice. We quite liked the band that came with our Watch Magic review unit, since it was different than what we usually see.

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Turn the watch around and you'll spot the heart rate sensor as well as the pogo pin connectors to charge this device. The charger is disc-shaped and has a magnet to ensure that its charging pins make proper contact with the watch. We found this to be quite useful, and the magnetic pull is strong enough for the watch to stay connected. The charging disc has a USB Type-C port which is a good thing, since you won't have to carry an additional cable for charging the watch if you're using a reasonably modern Android smartphone.

It measures 1. It has a density of out ppi and is crisp to look at. When outdoors, we found the display to be bright enough to be legible. The Watch Magic has a mAh battery which is small compared to some of the other smartwatches in the market.

Honor Watch Magic Review

It is compatible with Android phones running Android 4. It has Bluetooth 4. You will need the Huawei Health app on your smartphone to pair the watch with. The watch faces are customisable and you can choose between multiple options that come preloaded.

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Since this device is running on proprietary software, watch faces are limited, and we couldn't download new ones. Different watch faces highlight the different types of data that the watch records. You can use one that shows your heart rate and the number of steps you've taken, while some others have VO2 Max readings or show your current altitude. The Honor Watch Magic has a heart-rate sensor at the back.

Honor Band 4 is exclusively available on Amazon.in at Rs. 2,599

Honor has packed a lot of features into the Watch Magic. Apart from the usual step and sleep tracking, this device is capable of recording workouts, swims, and cycling, among other activities. It also has a breathing exercise feature that lets you set the intensity and the duration before it starts guiding you. A compass app helps you determine what direction you are headed in, and a barometer app uses the device's internal sensor to measure pressure. The Honor Watch Magic is capable of measuring stress, and this feature is listed in the device menu. However, Honor told Gadgets that this feature is only available in China at the moment.

Continuous heart tracking is also available, and so is automatic sleep tracking. This smartwatch does not have a voice assistant like some others but it can notify you about incoming calls and messages via alerts. The Honor Watch Magic has a crisp display and the screen brightness is adjusted automatically. The upper button brings up a list of features available on the watch, and you can swipe on the screen to go through the list.

This button also acts as a Back button when you are in one of the menus. The second button brings up the list of exercise tracking options. If you hold down this button for a couple of seconds, it locks the screen of the watch, which is a nifty feature and can prevent accidental touch input. We did not notice any lag when scrolling through the menus and trying out the features. We couldn't find any way to add apps or new features, so you will be limited to the ones that came with the watch and whatever Honor provides with software updates in the future.

The Watch Magic can track steps, and to put this to the test we counted 1, steps manually as we walked. The watch showed steps, which is an acceptable deviation. As the Watch Magic has GPS sensors, you will be able to track a walk or a run without your smartphone. We tested its GPS accuracy by walking a distance that we know is exactly 1km.

The Watch Magic measured 1.

You will be able to track a treadmill run using this watch, but we found that accuracy was slightly off in our test, as the watch calculated 1. The watch does give you the option to correct a reading before saving a workout. What was also interesting when tracking workouts is that the device shows different heart rate zones so you are aware of how you need to change your activity levels. We used the Watch Magic for a couple of weeks, and were happy with the sleep tracking function.

It isn't too bulky, and we found it comfortable to sleep with this device strapped to our hand. The Honor 10 launched before it sported a glass back, and every recent Honor device we have seen, such as the 9 Lite, the 9N, also sport a glass back. The back of the phone sees a dual-camera setup and a fingerprint sensor.

It was not in a position in which my fingers would land naturally. The hybrid SIM slot is present on the left side of the phone. The front of the phone is nearly identical to both the Huawei P20 Lite and the Honor The Honor branding is seen on the tiny of chin the phone while the notch, which is slightly bigger than the OnePlus 6 notch, houses the front-facing camera, earpiece, and the sensors. The phone has dimensions of The Mali G72 MP12 takes care of the graphics-related workload.

In its price range, you will not find the UFS 2. The phone also has a new feature called as GPU Turbo which boosts gaming performance and saves battery at the same time. We shall talk about it later on. The storage of the phone can be expanded using a micro-SD card of up to GB storage.

Honor Watch Magic specifications, software, and features

Honor Play;s fingerprint sensor is a bit higher than expected. The phone also comes with the party mode feature for those who are interseted in that kind of stuff.

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Basically, it allows you to connect multiple Honor Play devices to play the same song. Apart from that, the phone has a 3, mAh battery with fast charging capabilities. The Honor Play has a vibrant, colourful and pleasing display. The 6. The big screen also means that the viewing experience on the device is quite appealing.

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The text on the phone was sharp and crisp. I viewed video content on the phone using different angles and there seemed to be no noticeable colour shift. The phone can also get sufficiently bright in sunny conditions and also pretty dim at night time. The phone also comes with an eye-comfort mode which filters out blue light to lower visual fatigue. The screen also intelligently follows your face in a feature called as smart rotate. Basically, if you are watching landscape content while sleeping, the screen will not rotate to portrait mode.

A pretty nifty feature if you ask me. Thankfully, the notch on the top does not get in the way in most of the cases as all major apps have been optimised for its usage. In any case, since the phone has LCD screen, the top area on both sides of the notch will continue to be lit up. My previous experience with EMUI has been disappointing, to say the least.

The animations were not smooth, there were several UI glitches, and overall the skin seemed very clunky and ancient.

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On the Honor Play, most of these issues have been resolved. I was greeted by a streamlined app section with smooth animations and several customisation options for the app drawer. The settings menu also looks to have been changed with more colourful icons. Also, Honor has bundled in the SwiftKey keyboard with the Honor Play which will takes some getting used to, especially if you are used to the Google Gboard. The notifications are where I faced a slight hiccup. With the notch present on the top, all I could see on the top were the signal bar, Wi-Fi strength, battery level and the sound profile that the device has been set to.