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After Huawei pushed back the launch from its original June date, the Mate X is shipping , but only in China. There's now a follow-up to the Mate X, which offers 5G connectivity like its predecessor. We're expecting that phone to make it out of China, though it likely won't reach the U. And no matter where you get the phone, don't expect it to feature Google apps, as part of the ongoing ban from the U.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Department of Congress. But those phones don't ship with any Google apps , and a U. We're expecting to hear about the P40 and P40 Pro at a Huawei event in Paris on March 26, with those phones joining Huawei's growing selection of 5G devices. The LTE version of the Snapdragon powered phone is already available worldwide including in the U. The 5G version of the Axon 10 Pro is essentially the same phone, only with a 5G modem and a liquid cooling system.

OnePlus 7T Pro review

Artificial intelligence figures to be a big part of the Axon 10 Pro 5G, too. A lot of the other companies that have disclosed 5G plans are in the same class as Huawei: Chinese phone makers that have already released one or more 5G handsets, with some making their way to Europe and the U. Sadly, neither is U.

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Xiaomi says its Mi 10 phone will run on the Snapdragon , thus giving it 5G connectivity. Also available in the U.

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We mentioned the Snapdragon and its integrated 5G modem, and how that chipset opens up the possibility of 5G connectivity coming to less expensive phones. We saw evidence of that at CES , where two makers of budget handsets touted 5G phones coming later this year. The phone will feature dual rear cameras, a MP selfie cam and Android 10; it will be available unlocked during the second quarter of the year. We don't know much about that phone's specs, though TCL had planned to reveal more at the now-cancelled Mobile World Congress.

Expect an announcement on the TCL 10 5G at some point in the near future. Apple never discloses its smartphone plans until it's good and ready, though that doesn't stop the iPhone rumor mill from setting expectations for future devices out of Cupertino. And right now, all signs point to Apple joining the 5G fight this year.

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In late , Bloomberg reported that Apple wouldn't come out with a 5G iPhone until , which would match the company's approach to the 4G rollout a decade ago. Apple's strategy this time around may have been influenced by a since-resolved dispute with Qualcomm that was preventing Apple from using the chip maker's modems and forcing it to find alternative suppliers. With that court case now settled, Qualcomm and Apple are back in business together, and analysts expect the 5G iPhone to be on track for If it's all but certain that Apple will release 5G phones in , the only remaining question is how many iPhone models will ship with the faster modems.

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Here's all the 5G phones announced so far and what we're looking for in the year ahead. Topics 5G. Wireless Carriers.


See all comments 1. I have not heard yet. Sorry, why you need 5G? All that speed is backed up by solid but not exceptional battery life of about 28 hours between charges — enough to get you home after a night out or into work the next day without topping up. That was as my primary device with the usual deluge of email, messages and push notifications, lots of browsing, five hours of Spotify via Bluetooth headphones, watching 60 minutes of offline movies and shooting about 20 photos a day. Setting the display to 60Hz added about an hour to the battery life.

Gaming unsurprisingly had a fairly large effect on battery life. Oxygen OS 9. Overall Oxygen OS is a refined version of standard Android, with polished elements and a little more customisation, making it one of the best versions of Android currently available. You also get three years of software updates from release. The back gesture, up from the left or right bottom edge, is easy to activate by accident — a swipe in from the left or right side of the screen is better.

Oxygen OS also comes with Zen Mode, which locks your phone for 20 minutes of time out, allowing only calls and photos, a gaming mode and a system called RAM boost, which learns which apps you use frequently and pre-caches them into RAM. While previous versions have been a convenience trade-off versus traditional capacitive sensors, the new in-screen sensor matches them for speed and accuracy. OnePlus has set the new standard; everything else feels slow compared with it.

Cameras have traditionally been a weak point for OnePlus phones. The primary camera is capable of capturing some really detailed and well-exposed shots.

OnePlus 7 Pro's pop-up camera and triple lens setup

Occasionally it was a little too bright, requiring a bit of adjustment, but even low-light performance was good. The 3x telephoto camera is also good, but produces noticeably more noise in dull lighting than the main camera. The ultra-wide angle camera is great, too, capturing some really interesting shots. Video quality was generally very good too, but could be a little yellow in indoor lighting. The selfie camera was also capable of capturing some impressive amount of detail that some might find a little too rich. It was too easy to invoke the pin code entry screen when shooting photos while the phone was locked.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is a beast of a phone in every way. OLED display? Great camera? There's really no other competition in the value category than OnePlus. While the price of its phones have steadily ticked up along with its far-higher-priced peers, OnePlus has consistently delivered good-looking handsets with premium specs for hundreds of dollars less than the iPhones and Galaxies of the world. The 6T has one more thing going for it: T-Mobile support. It's still missing wireless charging and IP-rated water resistance, and the camera lags behind those of top-tier handsets, but for the price, you simply can't buy a better Android phone.

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