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Seriously, y’all, I need to work on taking out my “big” camera. These grainy low res camera phone shots are killing me.

It would seem spring has finally arrived round these parts. Which is to say Rochester’s version of spring has arrived. On Lauren’s birthday on Sunday we woke to a fresh 8 inches of snow and then by Monday it was warm enough that I went for a run outside. The week was so completely saturated with bright blue skies and overwhelmingly hopeful sun. Today is dark and rain will be arriving by this afternoon, tomorrow there will be snow flurries again. You see, Rochester style spring in full effect.

Lauren is officially eleven and the party she planned was a blast. Her friends have such fantastic personalities. They are all so kind and funny and inclusive of others, it’s awesome to see them together and I’m so happy Lauren has such a great group of supportive peeps in her corner for middle school next year. Indeed, middle school, crazy right? That little two year old peanut that used to draw names out of a bowl to give away free beads here on the blog will be starting middle school come September. She’s still little for now though. She lost two teeth this week, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday.

Ron wants to rearrange the living room to open it up in anticipation of having the back door open more for grilling on the deck and being in the back yard. I’m struggling with where things should go in our space. We have too much stuff. This-can’t-go-there-because-of-that-or-that-can’t-go-here-because-of-this-ness is plaguing me. I love to rearrange furniture so this really shouldn’t be that difficult. I’ll keep thinking on it. And, I don’t know about you, but for me, thinking on things like this make me look at every room more critically and I suddenly think our house is a disaster and needs a major purging and deep cleaning. I dare say it needs a spring cleaning, which is just reinforcing the notion that spring is really here.

My copy of 1000 Beads (Lark 2014) arrived this week and had me rather contemplative. I was thinking a lot about the time when the artist call went out and how inadequate I felt about my work. Ultimately, I didn’t submit any images for jurying. I wouldn’t say I’m regretting not submitting, but I thinking it is interesting in retrospect when looking at where I am now. The beads in the book are just amazing and it’s wonderful to see so many familiar names honored. Well done, my friends. Seeing these goodies (of all media: glass, polymer, paper, metal, etc.) made me yearn to sit at my torch melting glass again. It’s been so long since I’ve done it. Alas, it will be longer still until I have the chance. My torch is unreachable at the moment with all our garage stuff being stored in the basement for the pending construction that’s going to start in May. All in due time though, I just need to be patient. (Which is not one of my strong suits. Ahem.)

Anywho… I have a research paper to write this weekend for my Media Studies class. I haven’t written a research paper since 1996, so this should be interesting. Gulp.

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Getting our snark on

March 28, 2014 · 3 comments


It’s been a really long week. One of those weeks where I can’t really recall what we did on any particular day or night. The week just flew right by us. Looking back, I think we were all rather snarky. It was a week of saying what you think, in a condescending and joking way, not the least bit hurtful, and people just got it. Hmm… perhaps it’s Spring Fever run rampant. It sure made for a lot of laughs.

I think I worked way too much this week and that could be another cause of my memory loss. Sometimes I think a smart phone is a terrible thing to own. My emails, thus my “work”, is always at my fingertips. I catch myself answering emails as early as 6:30 am and as late at 10pm (on the same day). I really need to work on setting personal time limits. Ron has already warned me that this summer, when it’s beer o-clock, I will not receive my frosty stein of homebrew until I close my laptop and turn off my phone. He keeps reminding me that being in a corporate environment people don’t expect a response outside of business hours. I’m used to being a small business owner and on call at all hours. Sigh, I’m still learning.

Yes, yes, that’s another thing. I sighed a lot this week too. Lauren: Mom, can I invite another friend to my birthday party? Me: Sigh, I suppose. Me: Andrew, did you drink all the milk? Andrew: Yeah. Me: Sigh, so I guess we aren’t having mashed potatoes with dinner. Wonder what I’ll do with all these boiled potatoes. Grrr. Jacob via text message: Mom, I’m starved, can you bring me an extra lunch after school before practice? Me: I suppose. It’s not like I’m trying to work, right? Sigh.

Hmm… what else from this week? OH! WE received Jacob SAT results, he did amazing. Andrew advocated for himself with his track coach. Andrew has been missing that last 2 blocks of school to go to track and really wants to be in those classes. So he talked to coach about arriving to practice late so he doesn’t miss school. Recognizing that is huge for him! OH! I also avoided working on my research paper all week for my Media Studies class. That’s news, right? (Insert eye rolling here.)

Tomorrow is the first lax game of the season for Jacob and Lauren’s birthday is Sunday. So, the weekend too will be sure to fly by. Not before Ronboy and I watch a few more episodes of Bates Motel on Netflix though.

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