Catching Up

March 21, 2014 · 5 comments

sickdaysI’ve set a new goal… I’m going to attempt to check in here each Friday to touch on moments from the week that I’d like to hold on to, to remember. I’m hoping that this simple practice with help me rediscover my “blog voice” and get me back in the habit. I think about this space and you readers and how I’ve suddenly dropped of the face of the blogiverse. And that’s a horribly sad thing to me, because I absolutely love this space. It’s special and sacred to me.

Last Sunday I came down with a cold. The kids all took their turn getting it in the weeks prior and it would seem this week it was my turn. I can’t remember the last time I had an old fashion head cold. I’ve had an endless cup of tea with honey by the side since Monday. I’ve been stubborn about not taking time of work because a silly cold too. I should probably rest, but I know that if I wasn’t sitting at my laptop immersed in work that I’d be compelled to clean my filthy house. No real rest would be had. So my sincerest apologies to the editor whose ear I coughed in while chatting about a new book and to those who received emails with fuzzy relies. Blame it on my cold. And today, Ron is home sick with it. Unlike me, he will have no problem resting. Let’s hope it doesn’t linger in him as long as it has in me.

Jacob popped his shoulder out at lax practice yesterday. His shoulder tends to do that at least once in a season. I don’t think he will be playing in the scrimmage tonight, which is fine by me. Best save his strength for a game that actually counts, right? Right. This week showed me a sight with Andrew and Jacob that I didn’t realize I’d been missing. One afternoon this week I took Jacob an extra afternoon lunch to wolf down before practice. As I waited in the parking lot for him to come out to the car to retrieve it I was so delighted to see both my boys walking out of the high school together. Andrew has been taking the bus every afternoon to the high school from his private school to run in track. Being that the boys attend different schools I didn’t think I’d ever seeing them hanging out together in the same school, but there they were… the Bogey boys. Two tall, handsome, guys strolling around school grounds. I loved that. I’ve been just so happy to see Jacob taking Andrew under his wing this week, he’s showing him the ropes. It’s seriously heartwarming, I tell you.

Lauren is turning 11 on the 30th. She decided to start planning a party for herself. I wanted to skip the friend party this year in favor of a simple family party instead, but my social butterfly won’t stand for that. She is taking matters into her own hands. She negotiated Daddy making dinner and a small group arriving at 2pm and staying until 7pm. She says not worry, they’ll entertain themselves. We’ll see how that goes.

While I was hoping to have loads to report on my Room-to-Room Facelift project of 2014 that I mentioned back in January, sadly I have nothing. After the dinning room doll up things came to a screeching halt.  You see, we have one really BIG project planned for this year and Ron decided we should just focus on that. He says I can do my doll ups once we get through the big thing. I’ve been pouting about it since, but I know he is right. The really BIG project is tearing down our old 1946 one car dilapidated garage and building a new 2 car garage with an attic for storage. This we will not be doing ourselves. We hired a contractor and this week we picked the siding color, Olde Town Wedgewood. It matches the house exactly, which makes me happy. Construction begins in April and I’m already imagining all that we’ll be able to do with a real garage. One of  the things I’m looking forward to most is getting to host a pasta party for the football team in the fall, but I’ll save those daydreams to share once it actually happens.


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Through the Window

February 6, 2014 · 1 comment

from the window1from the window2from the window3from the window4

With views like these you won’t hear me complaining about winter.
Stay warm, Friends.

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