Random Monday

January 6, 2014


:: Is it too late to post photos I snapped before Christmas? Hmm…
:: I was so freaking stinking excited to watch the premier of Downton Abbey Season 4 last night. Are you addicted too? I’m not so addicted that I’m trying to watch it online via UK based streaming sites, but I’ll probably watch the final episodes on DVD with my sister before they air on TV.
:: Craving to get back to our usual routine after 16 days off of school for the kids. I have no idea why school thought that many days off was a good idea. I’m hearing chirping that school might be cancelled tomorrow because of the arctic front coming in. It was near 50 degrees overnight last night, it will be 5 degrees with wind chills as low as -25 by tomorrow.
:: Thursday and Friday of last week we had a big snow storm too. I loved watching the snow fall all day.
:: Jacob is wearing his new letterman jacket to school this morning.
:: OH, I should tell you, this Christmas season I decided I don’t like the International Delights Peppermint Mocha creamer in my coffee. It just doesn’t measure up to Starbucks. Just saying.
:: Dang, the wind is howling so loud right now.
:: I need to make, photograph, and write a wire tutorial this week. AND, I need to choose my next Color Canvas photograph.
:: I’ve been mentally jotting down a list of up coming blog posts. They include: my month-to-month room-to-room plan to freshen up my house, telling you about my WORD for this year, my thoughts on school starting on January 21st, maybe a Pinspiring post or two (remember when I was doing those?), and I need to show you some of those Christmas crafts I made.
:: My friend Lindsey and I are signed up for Hibernate with Heather of Beauty That Moves. I’m so looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to a reason to have tea with Lindsey to talk about class as much as I’m looking forward to the class too.
:: Andrew starts ski club this week. I hope he is enjoys it!! I really do.
:: Ugh, I have a pile of laundry sitting on the floor next to me that needs folding. I’m tempted to just ignore it, but if I do, it will be twice the size tomorrow.
:: Alisa Burke’s The Art of Blogging starts today! Maybe it will infuse a bit of blogging inspiration into me.

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