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January 10, 2014

Over the past couple of months I’ve gotten it into my head that our house needs some sprucing. When I clean this room or that room, I’m noticing the wear and tear of the last 6 years here. You might remember I fought really hard for this house and then faced some serious set backs with it.

We’ve done a LOT to make this home our own. If you love DIY posts, check this out:

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Apart from these big things above, I’ve also painted a ton, we’ve put in raised bed gardens, fixed up the deck, and countless other projects. Even with all those efforts, when you neglect any one are for too long, it just gets worn out.

So the plan… Room by Room 2014…

I’m picking one room each month this year and giving it some love. I started with the dining room!

I've decided to pick a room in my house each month in 2014 and give it a facelift. I'm starting in the dining room! #goodintentions #wewillseehowlongthislasts

There wasn’t anything really wrong with the dining room, as is evident by the before photo above,  but the ceiling has always needed to be painted and the bright Bayside Blue just wasn’t feeling right any more. The walls are all banged up and dingy, and the trim has never been painted.  You can see what the dining room looked like the last time I dolled it up HERE. I decided to sit down at that very table and write a list for each room in the house, what I wanted to do to it, and I got to work.

Dining Room:

  • Prime and paint the ceiling
  • Paint the trim
  • New color for the walls
  • Paint the doors
  • Sort and reorganize the china cabinet
  • Sort and purge the buffet cabinet
  • Switch up the artwork

One weekend and I was able to cross off half my list! I couldn’t be more happy with the new paint color. I went with Lyndhurst Caledon Green. I went with classic white for the trim and the doors are antique white.

Painting, done! In a few days, I'll hang back up my mirrors and artwork.

There is still plenty more to do in here over the next couple weekends, but seeing this mini transformation has me totally psyched to get going on the rest of my ideas.

Next month…

The Pantry:

  • Move the refrigerator to a place in the kitchen
  • Knock down walls in pantry where the fridge bumps into the pantry
  • Install built-in cabinets and countertops in the pantry
  • Paint the pantry
  • Replace mini blinds in the pantry

Then, The Kitchen

  • Paint the kitchen: prime paint the ceiling, new colors for the walls, paint the trim, fresh coat of paint (and sealer) on the cabinet doors, paint the doors too
  • Install new cabinets next to the new fridge spot
  • See if I can convince Ron to replace the countertops (not likely)
  • Take down the rod in the closet in the kitchen and install hooks instead
  • Sort and donate coats in the closet (shoes too)

After that, it will be spring and we have a HUGE project planned. You’ll just have to wait and see what that is.

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